The Friday Report


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As a tribute to one of our favorite wedding blogs, Snippet & Ink, and our favorite e-newsletter, The, we’ve put together The Friday Report, your go-to source for weekend inspiration, tips, recipes, printables, and things you should be in-the-know about.

What’s better than adult popcicles? Answer: Nothing.

The most adorable thing you’ll watch today, from kids at a school in Bangalore.
Bet your iPhone would fancy one of these.
 Jay-Z calls out rappers for grossly inflating their salaries in their lyrics (although they’re all making a pretty penny).
A love letter to fog.
Speaking of love…check out this NYTimes column.
Also, corn is our vegetable of the moment (we’re not even going to pretend this is our first time having a favorite vegetable. Beets, anyone?). Drooling over this.
Who says this can’t continue all month long.
Here’s a spritzer recipe you can share with the kids (just make sure to spike the right glass…).
It’s finally Friday, so laugh a little.
Lastly, this is exactly how I’d like to spend my sunday. We want to live in this blog.
Favorite Instagrammer: @JenHuangPhoto
Best Sale: Bergdorf Goodman – The Final Sale
Favorite Fashion Blogger: With Love From Kat
Need to Know: Harper’s Index
Best Useless Information: Coffee, The Greatest Addiction Ever

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