The Friday Report

It’s finally Friday. This week, I opted out of my work out routine in favor of making delicious food (check back next week for a mouth-watering polenta recipe), watching reality television, and scouring the interweb the perfect content for this week’s Friday Report. Seems like a fair trade, right? (My body disagrees, seeing as it has a date with a swim suit this weekend.) Since there’s no point in dwelling in the past, I present to you, lovely followers, the Friday Report:

I stumbled upon (not to be confused with StumbleUpon) some beautifully crafted checklists from Matchbook Magazine this week. They’re after my OCD, list-making heart. This tricky fashion name pronunciation worksheet in particular caught my eye.

Officially the best tumblr find of the summer.

Okay, If you haven’t met Quinoa, the imaginary well-dressed pinterest daughter of writer Tiffany Beveridge, you need to. She’s amassed more followers than any other toddler I know. Then go check out, Tiffany’s equally funny blog.

I think I’ll host a party just to use these free printables from Love vs. Design. We’ll take one of everything this talented design team produces.

Since Amanda Bynes has mysteriously stayed out of the spotlight for a few days, all eyes are on Miley. Thanks Fashionista for filling us in on every last fashion decision our favorite twerk-er makes. We admit to having a love-cringe relationship with her We Can’t Stop vid.

Add this German duo to your work day playlist. You won’t regret it.

Easily the easiest and most delicious recipe of the summer.

Lastly, it’s Friday night ladies, so follow our lead.

Favorite Instagrammer: SB Creative

Best Sale: Nordstrom (uh, duh)

Favorite Fashion Blogger: The Glamourai

Need to know: How to Set the Perfect Dinner Table

Best Useless Information: Vogue‘s September Issue Will Be Its Biggest Since the Recession



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