Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List
1. Okay, I can’t stay away from floral if you haven’t noticed yet. Combine that with a high-waisted bikini and I’m completely smitten. Check out this lovely from Net-A-Porter.
2. This may look like a blanket, but it’s actually the beautiful Fouta Towel from One King’s Lane. We’ll take ten.
3. I love this moss covered letter, partially because it’s a “W,” but mostly because I think it would make for awesome decor for our wedding (that could then be reused in our living room).
4. I’ve long been a fan of Paper Crown. This skirt transitions from work to play, the office to happy hour, brunch to farmers market.
5. I’m currently in talks with wedding caterers, and when I’m not day dreaming about food, I’m day dreaming about this flatware, and how perfect it would look with gold-rimmed glasses or plates.
6. In college I lived by my planner. If it wasn’t listed there, it didn’t happen. As a life-long list maker, I still get giddy at the thought of a cute planner. May Designs has struck gold with these personalized notebooks.
7. Beignets have earned a spot on this week’s wish list because the fiance was in NOLA for work this week and because beignets are delicious. That is all.
8. We’ve been feeling a bit wishy-washy about this throwback trend, but we can at least admit overalls make the perfect cover up for a day at the beach.
That’s all ladies. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be dedicating our wish lists to the perfect weekend getaway essentials in preparation for some last minute summer trips. Get excited, because we sure are!

May Designs

May Designs

May Designs

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