The Friday Report



Sometimes life gets really hectic and you have to take just a few minutes to step back and clear your head. Although I see some overtime in my future this weekend (bleh), I’ll be spending Sunday picking figs and making jam with the beau and his gram. I feel soooo southern. Living here has taught me that I don’t always need to have fifty things going on at once, sometimes you have to learn how to relax. How will you relax this weekend?


These genetics photos are fascinating.


Finally, a course we can get excited about: this watercolors class, taught by a former classmate of ours, combines our passion for fashion and art. For more inspiration, see her website Paperfashion.


Grilled Cheese for breakfast? As long as it’s this glorified version.


Hollywood’s biggest secrets, circa 1927.


We always knew we were a bit leery of Craigslist for a reason.


Oh look, another app to consume hours of my time.


This story is heartwarming no matter which side of the aisle you’re aligned with.


Helicopter parenting has taken on a whole new form. And we’re totally on board.


Favorite Instagrammer: @Blaireadiebee

Best Sale: Rent the Runway

Favorite Fashion Blogger: Luella & June

Need to know: The Weiner jokes that will never end

Best Useless Information: “Ice Ice Baby” sung by the movies





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