The Friday Report


Some opportunities to travel have fallen into my lap this week, and it’s left me absolutely giddy. Do you think there is such thing as travel addiction? If so, I’m in no hurry to get rid of it. In honor of said travel, we’re bringing you a mental vacation this Friday. First stop, Italy:

This amazingly simple approach to photography led to stunning results.

Next stop, Portland. Pendleton has always held a special place in our homes with their beautiful textiles, but we’re even more excited to add them to our closets.

Despite having a mother who prefers the indoors, I’ve always loved camping. This collection of photos makes me want to pack up the car and just go explore.

But if you don’t have a tent, here’s a fancy alternative.

Just because we aren’t in France, doesn’t mean we can’t obsess over these meringue sandwiches.

Lastly, we’re heading to Mexico (yeah, I know, it’s a stretch, but a delicious one).  This “music and food discovery” box subscription would make an awesome gift (ahem, my birthday is in January folks).

Favorite Instagrammer: @apartmenttherapy

Best Sale: Nasty Gal

Favorite Fashion Blogger: The Sartorialist

Need to know: What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Best Useless Information: Beware of One Direction Fans



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