The Friday Report


Wait, it’s Friday already??? We apologize for no Wednesday Wish List this week, the past few days (weeks) have taken us VOF girls by storm. I’ve been exploring working in Denver and C has been wedding planning at lightning speed (making me feel like I’m falling behind)! Without further ado, here are some places on the interweb that have caught our eye this week.

Sometime you just need to lighten the mood. Thankfully, puppies and kittens usually do the trick.

I love this list about girlfriends, everyone needs a great friend (shout out to C and our “Tias”!).

I think cell phone companies had a hand in create this awesome/terrible app.

This real life (and beautiful) wedding just rekindles our Friday Night Lights obsession.

Who doesn’t want man-candy (read: ryan gosling) dangling from their earlobes?

A reminder from some little ones to keep things light.

For those of us who had an awkward year (or ten), we love this tumblr project.

Favorite Instagrammer: @sfgirlbybay

Best Sale: SHOPBOP

Favorite Fashion Blogger: DeSmitten

Need to know read: theSkimm (a daily news summary for busy women)

Best Useless Information: Alternate Brand Slogans



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