VOF’s Top Fashion Picks Now

Tartan Pride

W and I are proud to be Carnegie Mellon Tartans, and this season’s plaid trend couldn’t be more fitting for us. Try a pair of plaid ankle length trousers, a white blouse, ankle booties and chunky jewelry.

Tartan Pride

I have always envied fur, counting down the days of summer till it is appropriate to wear again (even in Los Angeles weather). Pair a fur vest with a printed shift dress, a pendant necklace, knit tights and a great pair of thigh-high riding boots.

Fall Fur

Exotic Prints

As W and I start planning our honeymoons, we are dreaming of luxurious spa days in Thailand, sipping café au laiter in Paris, and cozying up by the Trevi Fountain in Rome. This season, take inspiration from fabrics and textures from around the world. Try pairing a printed dress with a classic bucket bag, leather leggings and a pair of velvet ballet flats.

Exotic Prints

All Glammed-Up

For our followers paying attention to my wedding planning, you know I love all things that sparkle. This season is your chance to channel your inner 1940’s Hollywood star. Think luscious red lips, fur collar trenches, classic pumps and an overload of jewelry.

We’d love to see your favorite fall finds! Let us know what you think.

The Friday Report


Another snapshot from last weekend’s gallery wedding.

Here at VOF, we’re looking forward to a weekend of relaxing. From weddings to overburdened workloads to grad school tests and projects in the past few weeks, we’re exhausted!  With my parents coming to visit soon there’s still pressure to finish our bathroom remodel and deep clean every inch of our house (OCD runs in the family), but I’ll be sure to take at least a few hours to myself this weekend to recharge.

The song that’s getting our feet tapping to the beat: I am the Lion King

Inspiration for my upcoming engagement photo session?

The importance of having a mentor.

We’ve already expressed our love for tassels, here’s a DIY you can wear. (And no, it’s not like that, get your mind outta the gutter.)

This heartwarming feature on brides wearing their mother’s wedding gowns has me wishing my mother had kept hers!

This fascinating editorial Flickr feed is oozing with talent.

NOLA Fashion Week has arrived!

Favorite Instagrammer: @ThanksIMadeIt

Best Sale: MILLY NY

Favorite Fashion Blogger: Frankie Hearts Fashion

Need to know: So I guess we’re yuppies.

Best Useless Information: The best foods from around the globe

Martin and Aixa’s DIY Gallery Wedding

VOF was lucky enough to plan an extraordinary event for my beautiful co-worker, Aixa. The wedding was a true DIY affair and it turned out beautifully. We designed and constructed all the flower arrangements, gallery vignettes, invites and all. As an artist herself, Aixa wanted the wedding to feel like a hip new gallery opening. Voila! Gallery in Los Angeles, CA made for the perfect venue for this artist. We themed everything around the gallery and really tied the event together with the venue.




Special Vintage Objects around the gallery provided the perfect addition to the center pieces.



When doing your own flowers, don’t be afraid to play with different textures and forms, creating unique shapes, give flowers some life and extra interest.



photo 2

This heart light became the center of attention at the wedding, gracing the front of the invites, the center of the alter, and, later-on, becoming a prime photo-opp on the night of the wedding. 

photo 5


As the gallery specialized in custom frames, this custom vintage style pinboard was made just for the special couple for guests to leave a special message. 


Feathers in the bouquets gave an extra flair and vintage vibe.


photo 1

Mason jars with hydrangeas and feathers were suspended from the ceiling to give height and extra interest to the space. 




This pillow was hand-knit just for the affair. A question mark on the other side made for the perfect ring pillow.


Custom made vintage signs added personality and necessity to the space. Check back later for a special tutorial on how to make your own vintage documents. PS. It only takes 5 minutes 🙂


This special Lladro was given to the couple as their something borrowed from the groom’s parents. It made a perfect addition to the cake table. 

Trend Focus: Bucket Bags

Bucket Bags
Fall has arrived! (I know this only because the highs down in the southeast have finally fallen into the 80s. Hallelujah!). There is no better time than fall to invest in one of this year’s biggest handbag trends – bucket bags! We’ve compiled a set of our favorite options above. Happy shopping!

Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List

The Friday Report


TGIF. That is all.

We love this inspiration shoot from Lani Elias featured on Magnolia Rouge.

This awesome/horrifying job application.

Calling all Foodies.

Even if you don’t like comics, this is still precious.

Go ahead and pretend you don’t want these jumbo animal cookies. Yeah, we’re not buying it.

Love the look of modern calligraphy? Learn how to do it yourself from Molly Jacques over at Skillshare (p.s. we’re doing it too!).

Think you deserve a promotion? Read this article containing advice from the baddest (in a good way) girls in the business.

Favorite Instagrammer: @DailyCandy

Favorite Fashion Blogger: Cara Loren

Need to know: Government Shutdown

Best Useless Information: Burlington Coat Factory has a Twitter…or maybe they don’t?

Engagement 101


Newly engaged? Congrats! But what comes next? Getting engaged is exciting…but also slightly overwhelming. After the first few hours of bliss with your honey, the reality of the long road of wedding planning ahead starts to set in. The VOF girls are here to guide you through the first few weeks of your engagement with the hope that you can minimize stress and make more time for enjoying the fun that comes along with being newly engaged.

1. Tell Everybody

This may sound easy, but it will consist of telling and re-telling and telling again the story of your engagement, complete with every minute detail. Depending on the size of your family or social circle, this can potentially be exhausting. But who exactly should be called first? We recommend calling parents, siblings, and close friends first (in that order), but personal circumstances can call for different priorities. Only you know who deserves that first phone call. If you’re lucky, all of your closest friends and family could be involved in the proposal, like this amazing engagement story.

Beyond your closest relationships, we suggest calling extended family, other friends, close coworkers, etc. Only then is it appropriate to post the big news on social media. To avoid offending someone you might have forgotten, put off posting the engagement to Facebook for a few hours after you finish your phone calls, just in case you realize you forgot to give Aunt Jane a ring.  (It’s also important to consider those who don’t have access to social media!)

Finally, you may want to let your hometown media know about your engagement, so check into the policies of your local paper to see if they require you know your wedding date/location or only print within a certain number of days of your wedding. You’ll most likely want to wait until you can include engagement photos anyway, so no need to jump the gun on this one!

2. Nail down a budget

Here comes the awkward part: money. You need to figure out who exactly will be contributing what. If you foresee either set of parents helping pay for the big day, you need to sit down and have an honest conversation of what type of budget you’re looking at. If you’ll be funding the wedding yourselves as a couple, look at your projected budget for the upcoming year (or months in some cases) and estimate how much you can realistically set aside.

It’s important to get a good idea at this point of what you’re expected to pay for. If your parents are willing to fund the wedding, but expect you to pay for the honeymoon or bridal party gifts, try to nail down a number for what you and your future hubby can afford to keep from going overboard. No one wants to start a marriage in debt from their wedding, so keep in mind that some of the most beautiful and sentimental weddings have the smallest of budgets. This is not the time to play Keeping up with the Jones’, it’s a time to celebrate the start of a new chapter of your life as husband and wife.

3. Develop a guest list

Developing your guest list can go hand-in-hand with estimating your budget. Almost every cost in your wedding will be determined by the number of guests attending. Start big and think of anyone and everyone you might possibly want to invite. Next, divide that list into three categories: a ‘must invite’ list, a ‘really want to’ invite list, and a ‘will invite if possible’ list. In the meantime, ask both sets of parents to provide you with a list of people they’d like to invite, especially if either set is paying for part of the wedding. Let them know that you’ll do your best to accommodate their lists, as is realistic with your budget.

After creating your list, you should determine how many guests you can realistically afford to invite (obviously this number may change based on vendor prices, but a good place to start is $100 per head). From there, try to come up with a number of the invitees who you think will actually attend. For some couples, you can expect an 80% attendance rate, especially when the bride and groom are from the same area. Many times, as with C & myself, half your guest list will be asked to travel a very long distance; in these cases, you’ll probably want to reduce your attendance rate somewhere around 2/3.

You may need to revisit your budget and guest list many times during the planning process, but it’s good to find a solid starting place before contacting venues and vendors, so you can have an idea of what size event you’ll be hosting.

4. Decide whether or not to use a Wedding Planner or Coordinator

I know it can sometimes seem crazy to shell out a portion of your precious budget to have someone help you plan your wedding when you have plenty of time to do it yourself, but you might be surprised. In many cases, hiring a wedding planner can actually save you money by helping you make the most of your budget. Hiring a wedding planner will not only provide access to the absolute best vendors in your region, but it will also provide peace of mind that your day will run smoothly. A wedding planner will likely cost between 10-20% of your total wedding budget.

If you’re a Type A, planner type of gal, a Day-of coordinator may be a better fit for you. With prices ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, you can still retain that peace of mind without giving up control. Find out more about Day-of Coordinators in this article. Ultimately, every bride will need something different, but don’t write off a wedding planner from the get go!

5. Select a Venue

Finally (well, not finally, you have a long road ahead girl), you’ll want to start looking for a venue that both accommodates your guest list and your budget. Finding the perfect venue depends on many different factors. Some require you to use their preferred vendors, others have early curfews, while popular venues may book up early and quickly. One factor you’ll want to keep in mind is the number of people on your guest list. A restaurant reception might have the right vibe, but will the restaurant be able to hold all 300 of your family and friends? Meanwhile, that beautiful loft space may catch your eye, but your 50 person guest list could leave the venue feeling too open or empty.  There are lots of factors to consider, so sit down with your fiance and decide what is most important to you as a couple. This will help you narrow down venue choices and find a date that is available and works for you and your families. If you already have a date in mind, this may narrow down your options even further.

When looking at prices, make sure to check what amenities each venue provides. A backyard wedding may seem like a cheaper option, but you’ll need to factor in table, chair and linen rentals. If you and your future hubby are from different places, try looking into venues at both locations if you don’t have your heart set on one or the other. You’ll be surprised by the vast difference in venue prices across different regions of the country.

Jan 2013 Cruise 106

M and me just hours after getting engaged. Obviously, I had not yet mastered the non-awkward ring pose yet…

M and I were out of the country when we got engaged, so I used the lack of cell and internet service as an excuse to really enjoy the bliss of being newly engaged before any planning stress set in. Being able to spend several days together without any distractions was irreplaceable (and almost like a pre-weddingmoon, people should really make that a thing). For C, she already knew exactly where she wanted to get married, so step 5 above was a breeze. Obviously the process will vary slightly depending on your situation, but loosely following this guide should make for smooth sailing during your engagement.


Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List

The Friday Report


“It’s called fashion. Look it up.”

With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, I can finally focus my instagram feed mind back on wedding planning. We can thank Jimmy Kimmel for bringing us all back down to earth with the Uniboot. Hope you enjoy this week’s links!

Not your typical cliche-ridden list of life advice, we think us ladies could follow a tip or two from this guide to being a man. (Except for the line about the unaccompanied women, we know that one’s not true.)

Stuck at home this weekend? Take a trip around the world with Google Treks.

The queen of transformations goes to Tyra Banks, who recently released these amazing photos on Twitter.

This photo series from photographer Jordan Matter will make your jaw drop (and perhaps motivate you to work on your flexibility).

How do major fashion designers decorate their homes? Start taking notes.


Favorite Instagrammer: @BethanyOlson

Best Sale: Nicole Miller

Favorite Fashion Blogger: Sea of Shoes

Need to know: Miss Kansas is breaking stereotypes

Best Useless Information: Lisa Frank is real.