The Friday Report


“It’s called fashion. Look it up.”

With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, I can finally focus my instagram feed mind back on wedding planning. We can thank Jimmy Kimmel for bringing us all back down to earth with the Uniboot. Hope you enjoy this week’s links!

Not your typical cliche-ridden list of life advice, we think us ladies could follow a tip or two from this guide to being a man. (Except for the line about the unaccompanied women, we know that one’s not true.)

Stuck at home this weekend? Take a trip around the world with Google Treks.

The queen of transformations goes to Tyra Banks, who recently released these amazing photos on Twitter.

This photo series from photographer Jordan Matter will make your jaw drop (and perhaps motivate you to work on your flexibility).

How do major fashion designers decorate their homes? Start taking notes.


Favorite Instagrammer: @BethanyOlson

Best Sale: Nicole Miller

Favorite Fashion Blogger: Sea of Shoes

Need to know: Miss Kansas is breaking stereotypes

Best Useless Information: Lisa Frank is real.


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