The Friday Report


Another snapshot from last weekend’s gallery wedding.

Here at VOF, we’re looking forward to a weekend of relaxing. From weddings to overburdened workloads to grad school tests and projects in the past few weeks, we’re exhausted!  With my parents coming to visit soon there’s still pressure to finish our bathroom remodel and deep clean every inch of our house (OCD runs in the family), but I’ll be sure to take at least a few hours to myself this weekend to recharge.

The song that’s getting our feet tapping to the beat: I am the Lion King

Inspiration for my upcoming engagement photo session?

The importance of having a mentor.

We’ve already expressed our love for tassels, here’s a DIY you can wear. (And no, it’s not like that, get your mind outta the gutter.)

This heartwarming feature on brides wearing their mother’s wedding gowns has me wishing my mother had kept hers!

This fascinating editorial Flickr feed is oozing with talent.

NOLA Fashion Week has arrived!

Favorite Instagrammer: @ThanksIMadeIt

Best Sale: MILLY NY

Favorite Fashion Blogger: Frankie Hearts Fashion

Need to know: So I guess we’re yuppies.

Best Useless Information: The best foods from around the globe


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