Wednesday Wish List: Feeling Spooky

Wednesday Wish List: Feeling Spooky

Sequin dress

Charlotte Olympia clutch

Ted Baker evening handbag
$80 –

Black hat


Popping the Question to your Bridesmaids: How the VOF girls did it.

Happy Monday from VOF! Well, it’s official, I finally asked W to be my MOH, as if she didn’t already know ;). Don’t worry, she said YES! Since W got engaged about 7 months before me, she obviously popped the question a long time before I got the chance. If you haven’t done it before, popping the question to your besties is kind of stressful (I can’t even imagine putting myself in S or M’s shoes when they proposed!) W and I both wanted to ask in creative ways that were meaningful and unique. Here is what we came up with!

W popped the question with none other than a ring pop! Gotta love the idea of using some childhood nostalgia. She created these ADORABLE boxes with a bunch of treats related to her wedding. Think mini bottles of champagne, nail polish in her wedding colors, paint chips with more color options, balloons for the celebration, and the “ring” to make it official, not to mention that the box itself has made the perfect jewelry box on my dresser ever since she asked. Here is the little notes she included with the perfect gift:

The big day

I’ve got my man, but I still need my girls! We don’t yet have a place or a date, but I know exactly who I’d like to be there –YOU! I’d be honored to have you be part of my big day.

The gals

Your job will be simple:

Keep my train out of any mud puddles (god forbid it rains in Portland!)

Feel beautiful

Have a great time (this is a requirement) and get the party started

Understand how much I appreciate you being part of our special day

With the (depressingly vast) distance between us, I know it’s nearly impossible for each of you to be involved each step of the way. That’s why I’d like you to be involved as much as you’d like to be.  Please don’t worry about showers or gifts, I know a “destination” wedding can be hard on the pocket books. We can tackle the Bachelorette Party when we get to it, at a time and place that works for everyone.

The dress

Your dress that is!

photo 13

After W put so much effort into asking, I had no choice but to step up my game! I didn’t want to copy her and had to come up with my own cute way of asking. I chose to go with a custom hanger from Etsy (Being engaged has made me even more obsessed with Etsy than before!). I can’t wait to see all my bridesmaids dresses hanging next to mine on these beauties 11 months from now (or yesterday to be exact). I included a cute little poem along with hangers that read:

The time has come for Steven and I to join our lives as one.

We look forward to our wedding day filled with family, friends, and fun.

The date is set for the 27th of September, 2014.

Our colors are Black, Pink and Gold with a touch of glimmer and sheen.

To make that day more special and create memories that will last,

There is one favor from you, my friend, that I would like to ask…

This hanger is for a very special dress.

Will you use it next year? Please say yes!

photo 03

photo 02

photo 01

How did you ask your bridesmaids to join your special day? We’d love to hear your ideas!


The Friday Report

I’m going into this weekend with a happiness high from M and I’s e-session yesterday. We had originally planned our engagement photos for June, but while I was running around like a crazy person about 30 minutes behind schedule (read: frantically trying to apply fake eyelashes without blinding myself), an out-of-the-blue torrential downpour hit, postponing our pictures until a later date. Since the summer humidity was already nothing less than intolerable, we rescheduled for fall. After fortuitously picking yesterday for round two, I was much more prepared for our photos this time and left a solid three hours for getting ready. (I can’t even imagine how long wedding prep takes…) The weather was perfect, the sunset was perfect, everything just fell into place. I’m so pleased to finally be able to sit back and breathe! The only sad note of the day was running out of daylight for pictures with our dogs, so for my own benefit, I’ve include a montage of The Dogs of The Vows of Friendship for you today.

dogs1dogs2dogs6 dogs5 dogs3

Meet Annie, Bailey, Sawyer, Daisy, and Cowboy! (Dog-a-holics much?)

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Wednesday Wish List: Feeling Campy

Wednesday Wish List: Feeling Campy

The Friday Report


image via

Hey darling VoF readers, Highs down south have been in the 70s this week, which means I’ve been hitting my sweater collection probably a little too hard (because I don’t actually need a bulky knit scarf when it’s 75 degrees out). But I’m not apologizing so without further ado, we present to you some seriously awesome links this week.

Bridal fashion week has left us starry eyed.

Who needs a teddy bear when you could have a real bear (that hula hoops)?

Thank you glitter guide for feeding my lipstick obsession.

Okay, first read the article, then watch the video. Then try to say prisencolinensinainciusol.

We dare you to look at just one slide.

This seriously sweet story of a lost boy will make you want to cry. You win, Google, you win.

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Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List

The Friday Report


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C and I have gotten some much needed family time over the past week which makes me realize how much wish I had my mom around to help with wedding planning full time. I’ve noticed the MOB (mother-of-the-bride) gets a bad reputation for being overbearing and hard to please, which couldn’t be further from the truth in most cases. So here’s to helpful, supportive, and excited mothers (and fathers!) everywhere. If you have the luxury of living near your parents, go give them a hug this weekend!

Seeing these Warhol posters really makes me miss our Carnegie Mellon/Pittsburgh roots.

Looking to break into Fashion? Fashionista’s How to Make it in Fashion Conference is just one month away. Not in LA? Try the University of Fashion online instead.

See this guide if, like many of us, you’re struggling to make aesthetic compromises with your man around the house.

This super duper helpful cheat sheet for the messy eaters (and those who do their laundry).

Not all habits are bad.

These one-year olds are cooler than me.

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VOF’s Favorite Bridal Collections from

VOF has been swooning over Bridal Fashion Week. No matter your Bridal style, you can’t help but to melt over the beautiful details and variety of styles. Here are just a few of VOF’s favorite Bridal Collections from!

Armani Privé is for the modern girl trying to make a statement. How could you not love this collection?


Here at VOF, we have a motto about Chanel… it’s pretty simple, Chanel NEVER fails us. We love the elegant use of fabrics, flowing textures, and breathless beauty of this collection.


Marchesa has a way with creating antique beauty that almost no one can compete with. We love the layered fabrics and intricate details in this collection.


Who could resist the regal designs that Christian Dior never fails to create. We love the billowing fabrics and royal feel in this collection.



Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List

The Friday Report

orcas island

A snapshot of Orcas Island in northwestern Washington.

The ladies of VOF challenge you to try something new this weekend. Whether it be something small or something life changing, get out there and enjoy the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it perfect fall weather. Need some inspiration? Try one of the following ideas, we dare ya.

Invest in a baby pink coat. Baby pink seems all wrong for fall, right? Take a look at all these options from the ladies over at Fashionista and Glitter Guide, and you might change your mind.

Feeling crafty? Try making your own statement necklace.

Invest in science. We swear, you’ll definitely be on board with this new Kickstarter campaign.

But if you prefer the DIY route, check out these hot toddy recipes.

Dance like no one is watching. Here a little (spectacular) something to start the groovin’.

Exercise your brain with this apple vs. nail polish quiz. If you don’t fail, we’ll be super impressed.

Seeking a bigger change? Perhaps this girl’s epic job-quitting dance will inspire you.


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