The Friday Report


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C and I have gotten some much needed family time over the past week which makes me realize how much wish I had my mom around to help with wedding planning full time. I’ve noticed the MOB (mother-of-the-bride) gets a bad reputation for being overbearing and hard to please, which couldn’t be further from the truth in most cases. So here’s to helpful, supportive, and excited mothers (and fathers!) everywhere. If you have the luxury of living near your parents, go give them a hug this weekend!

Seeing these Warhol posters really makes me miss our Carnegie Mellon/Pittsburgh roots.

Looking to break into Fashion? Fashionista’s How to Make it in Fashion Conference is just one month away. Not in LA? Try the University of Fashion online instead.

See this guide if, like many of us, you’re struggling to make aesthetic compromises with your man around the house.

This super duper helpful cheat sheet for the messy eaters (and those who do their laundry).

Not all habits are bad.

These one-year olds are cooler than me.

Favorite Instagrammer: @TheyAllHateUs

Best Sale: Piperlime (Code: FALL)

Favorite Fashion Blogger: Dallas Wardrobe

Need to know: The Key to Love that Lasts

Best Useless Information: Chocolate Espresso Soup


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