The Friday Report

I know I’m officially an adult because I spent Halloween evening at work. Talk about a buzz kill. In my defense, it was storming like crazy outside, but really, what kind of excuse is that?


Oh, what we wouldn’t give to be in college again….#FlashbackFriday

To make up for my lousy Halloween, I’ll be donning a costume for a party tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll use this as a costume guide: Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for the Modern Woman.

I know what I’m making for the fiance’s birthday breakfast: Waffle Breakfast Sandwich.

Are you living in the right state? Find the state to best match your personality. Meet me in Georgia?

One of my favorite features over on Snippet & Ink is their Snapshot of a Marriage, particularly this one.

I like my body because it’s magic.

This mom really made the most of nap time. Could these scenes be any more precious?

Favorite Instagrammer:  @Jane_Lilly of Lox Papers

Best Sale: Fab

Favorite Fashion Everything Blogger: Meg Biram

Need to know: Do you experience Imposter Syndrome?

Best Useless Information: The life of a GIF creator



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