A Letter to our Followers

molly jacques

                                                Image via Molly Jacques

Hello Lovelies,

The day is here: VOF is officially launching. If you’ve been following along for a while, you know we’ve been posting for the past few months, but now we’re getting serious and are finally ready to share this little side project with the world. VOF started as a place for us to share wedding progress with each other, but our content quickly expanded to our other interests: clothing, food, home decor, and more. We promise you daily inspiration on all things wedding, fashion, and lifestyle. We’re here to be your new best friend, hoping to bring together the craftiness of Martha, the stylish eye of Tory, the culinary abilities of Giada, all with the grace and humor of our #girlcrush J. Law.

There are thousands of blogs out there, so why follow VOF? Well we’ve asked ourselves the same question. Entering the world of blogging can be a little intimidating with such an over saturated market of talented bloggers on topics ranging from beauty products to belly dancing to blogging itself. We’re dedicating ourselves to creating unique and engaging content, and hope to have a little fun in the process. We both work full time and go to school part time (who says you can’t do it all?), so you’ll have to excuse us for occasionally posting at 8 pm rather than 8 am. But through it all we promise to be honest and real, because wedding planning (and life) is hard. We love to hear feedback from our readers. If there are topics you’d like us to post about, let us know! If you like what you see, share with your friends (we’ll be super grateful)!

Follow along on our journey and see where it takes us!



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