VOF’s New Year’s Resolutions


Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! Sorry we took a hiatus over the Holiday Season. I know you all understand how crazy it can get. We hope that you all had a safe and fun Holiday with your friends and family. W and I were both lucky enough to get to travel back home and be with our loved ones. It was a nice relaxing break full of snow, wine and desserts, but sadly all good things have to come to an end. So, here we are, back to reality. As we enter 2014, W and I both have some resolutions that we want to share with you.

  1. BLOG. Before starting VOF, W and I talked about doing this for a long time. In 2013, we took the step to get this thing going, but it is now time to really see how far we can take it. So stay tuned for lots more from VOF in 2014.
  2. READ. We admit it, reading is not our strong point. We always make excuses before bed, but this year that will change. We will read at least 30 minutes before bed each night.
  3. GET STRONG. You all know that the VOF girls will be walking down the isle this year and it will come faster than either of us realize. Of course, dieting is always a thing for brides, but we not only want to be slim. We want to be toned. Let the workouts begin!
  4. STOP SHOPPING. W and I both love to shop, trust us. This one will be tough, but we all know how expensive weddings can be.  We can save a lot of money by not buying the unnecessary extras. I guess we’ll have to live vicariously through you and the Wednesday Wishlist. 😉
  5. STOP BUYING LUNCH. It is easy to get in the habit of buying lunch at work. When you are tired in the morning, packing lunch does not always feel like the ideal thing to do, but that $10 3-4 times a week really starts to add up. Stay tuned for some great recipes that make excellent lunch leftovers.

These 25 New Year’s Resolutions Every Person Should Actually Make for 2104 from Elite Daily, also has some great ideas that the VOF girls will definitely be taking to heart. We’d love to hear what your resolutions are as well, so let us know what you think!

Cheers to 2013 from VOF!




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