Whitney & Mike | Southern Fall Engagement Session

Today, we’re excited to share M & W’s engagement photos! We’ve been kind of secretive with them as M and W build their website, but today you’re getting a sneak peak of our favorite snaps. These photos were taken by the uber-talented Lauren Liddell in October on M’s land in Central Mississippi. After being rescheduled for rain in June, the couple was relieved to finally find the perfect weather and lighting to capture the e-session. Enjoy!

MS-Engagement-104MS-Engagement-10ephoto1MS-Engagement-17MS-Engagement-46 ephoto2MS-Engagement-68-2MS-Engagement-69ephoto3MS-Engagement-77MS-Engagement-86MS-Engagement-80

Photographer: Lauren F. Liddell | Location: Pattison, MS | Red Dress: Anthropologie | White Dress: Banana Republic (no longer available)


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