New Year, New Office

Whether you work from home or you’re just one cubicle in a sea of many, the new year is a great time to get inspired and revamp your work space. We’re not going to deny that we get a little giddy over office supplies. I don’t even like pencils, but I’d still never say no to these. Anything from Sugar Paper or Rifle Paper Co. is sure to get us drooling. Sometimes refreshing your work space can even help you increase motivation and productivity. So whether you’re looking for a bright new wall calendar or an entire office overhaul, let the gawking commence.

Office Accessories

Neon Lights | Body Butter | Gilded Amberleaf Tin Candle | Mulberry Notebook Diary | Commune Light Socket | Pink Peony Faux Flowers | Leo Accent Clock | Deer Shed | Turner Counter Stool | Spence Desk

Sometimes, even a beautiful office space isn’t enough to keep you productive. Check out this Refinery29/Greatist article on working from home for some more pointers on productivity. Click on the photos below for even more inspiration!


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