The Friday Report


via The Cake Blog

Eat this cake for breakfast. Seriously.

We love everything in this Etsy shop, but this “Girl Test” takes the cake. (Apparently, I’ve got cake on the brain this morning…)

15 ways to digitally detox.

Changing all my passwords immediately. Because of a cartoon.

The most challenging part of this DIY would be keeping your purse organized. We say it’s worth it.

Remember our New Years resolution to read more? Well book club book number one is becoming a movie. Commence CRYFEST2014.

21 reasons why old people are the best at social media.

Favorite Instagrammer: @LeighViner

Best Sale: (Codes: WIN30, 90LOVE)

Favorite Wedding Blog:  Bash, Please

Need to know:  How to stop blowing money on things you don’t need

Best Useless Information: Turn a quote into a masterpiece



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