The Friday Report


via Cooking Classy

Hello Friday! It’s been a crazy week.  And now it’s Valentine’s Day which means forgoing all diets and people can’t judge you for being overly mushy.The beau and I are planning a romantic dinner at McDonald’s followed up by an all-night House of Cards marathon. (Totally kidding about the McDonald’s).

Last week kicked off Fashion Month which means I’ve been glued to my Instagram feed 24/7. The Olympics also kicked off last week, which would mean I’d be glued to the TV if I had it, so instead I’m obsessively refreshing the medal count. So many things to obsess over, so little time! Don’t worry though, with all that time on the interweb, I tracked down some pretty kick ass links for this week’s Friday Report.

What better way to keep up with my obsessions (and wedding planning) than this ingenious bullet journal?

You’re about to lose hours of your time on this baby name website. Is your name a wizards hat? Find out what that means (and a million more awesome facts about names) on Wait But Why.

Who knew art could look so delicious and be so entertaining all at once?

Proof that Canadians get all the perks. Also, can we get one of these in our office?

Our inner Friday Night Lights fans are GOING NUTS over this temporary re-appearance of FNL characters.

I’m starving. Make me a churro, please?

Favorite Instagrammer: @CaitlinClaireXO

Best Sale: Neiman Marcus

Favorite Fashion Blog:  Look Linger Love

Need to know:  Asking for a Raise

Best Useless Information: The Soshi Games



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