The Friday Report


via Darling Magazine

Hello Lovelies! This morning I mistook the day for Monday…Monday! If there’s a sure sign that I’m ready for the weekend, that’s it.

I just ordered envelopes for my wedding invitations this week, eek! The plan is to address them myself, so this new calligraphy practice May Book is just what I need.

You can can do it. (No, that’s not a typo.)

I love crafts and gold leaf therefore I love this DIY. SO. MANY. CRAFT. IDEAS.

Speaking of crafts, who wants to go with me to a Be Crafty Workshop?

I desperately want one of these mini masterpieces.

Seriously crushing on Darling Magazine and their mission.

Favorite Instagrammer: @designcrush

Best Sale: J.Crew Factory (50% off everything in stores)

Favorite Makeup Blog:  Lora Kelley

Need to know: Women who changed the world

Best Useless Information: Things you didn’t know about red heads



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