City E-Session Inspiration

This past week I got a little obsessive over city engagement sessions while doing some research for a friend. Obviously C & I love our outdoor, natural settings (as you can see in our e-sessions here and here), but part of me secretly wants to go for round two in an urban setting. Cityscapes lend themselves to more formal attire, more candid photos, and sometimes even a air of romance. Check out the collection below for some tips on making the most of a urban e-session! Click through the photos for links to even more inspiration and details on these talented photographers.

smp4smp5Date night or e-photos? Who cares when you capture a moment this adorable.

smp6 Use the backdrop as an excuse to dress to the nines.

4-trentbailey-new-orleans-engagement-photos1-trentbailey-new-orleans-engagement-photos100lc4Still feeling a need for some greenery? Take a picnic blanket to a local park.

100lc3Do you really need an excuse to order a milkshake?

100lc1smp3A no-fail photo op? Find a stunning backdrop, grab your S.O. and plant one on them.

smp1smp2 This photo is so simple, no props, no formal wear, but I love it. It truly looks like a scene from what could be their everyday lives.

100lc6Skyscrapers not necessary, storefronts with character may be all you need!


Before you run off in search of the perfect field or barn, consider what your own city or neighborhood has to offer. It might surprise you!  If you’re having trouble thinking of creative backdrops, consult your photographer. They may have a go-to location that consistently produces stunning results, or perhaps they have a place in mind they’ve been dying to do an e-session. You won’t know unless you ask!



Whitney & Mike | Southern Fall Engagement Session

Today, we’re excited to share M & W’s engagement photos! We’ve been kind of secretive with them as M and W build their website, but today you’re getting a sneak peak of our favorite snaps. These photos were taken by the uber-talented Lauren Liddell in October on M’s land in Central Mississippi. After being rescheduled for rain in June, the couple was relieved to finally find the perfect weather and lighting to capture the e-session. Enjoy!

MS-Engagement-104MS-Engagement-10ephoto1MS-Engagement-17MS-Engagement-46 ephoto2MS-Engagement-68-2MS-Engagement-69ephoto3MS-Engagement-77MS-Engagement-86MS-Engagement-80

Photographer: Lauren F. Liddell | Location: Pattison, MS | Red Dress: Anthropologie | White Dress: Banana Republic (no longer available)