Kitchen Update

Kitchen Update
Who says a kitchen renovation needs to involve sledgehammers and seemingly endless home depot runs? This week, we bring you the quickest way to update our favorite space, the kitchen. When you think accessories, your kitchen appliances probably don’t come to mind, but they should! The pieces you display on your counter top dictate the feel of your space. While my own kitchen space runs on the classic side (red lacquer stand mixer, chrome toaster), I sometimes crave a more industrial, organic look like those pieces featured above.Don’t be afraid to rotate pieces through your kitchen like you might throw pillows on your sofa.
Another way to change the look of your kitchen is to use open shelving for your dishware and glasses. C and I both took the plunge on the trend and love the look and functionality of it. It works like a charm for teensy kitchens, like ours. Keep the look clean by using a single, matching set of dishware, or go for a more eclectic feel with mismatched, but complimentary dishes. Check out these examples and follow their links for more inspiration:
kitchen1 kitchen2 kitchen3 kitchen4 kitchen5 kitchen6