City E-Session Inspiration

This past week I got a little obsessive over city engagement sessions while doing some research for a friend. Obviously C & I love our outdoor, natural settings (as you can see in our e-sessions here and here), but part of me secretly wants to go for round two in an urban setting. Cityscapes lend themselves to more formal attire, more candid photos, and sometimes even a air of romance. Check out the collection below for some tips on making the most of a urban e-session! Click through the photos for links to even more inspiration and details on these talented photographers.

smp4smp5Date night or e-photos? Who cares when you capture a moment this adorable.

smp6 Use the backdrop as an excuse to dress to the nines.

4-trentbailey-new-orleans-engagement-photos1-trentbailey-new-orleans-engagement-photos100lc4Still feeling a need for some greenery? Take a picnic blanket to a local park.

100lc3Do you really need an excuse to order a milkshake?

100lc1smp3A no-fail photo op? Find a stunning backdrop, grab your S.O. and plant one on them.

smp1smp2 This photo is so simple, no props, no formal wear, but I love it. It truly looks like a scene from what could be their everyday lives.

100lc6Skyscrapers not necessary, storefronts with character may be all you need!


Before you run off in search of the perfect field or barn, consider what your own city or neighborhood has to offer. It might surprise you!  If you’re having trouble thinking of creative backdrops, consult your photographer. They may have a go-to location that consistently produces stunning results, or perhaps they have a place in mind they’ve been dying to do an e-session. You won’t know unless you ask!



Steven & Colleen’s Southern California Engagement Session

Today, we are happy to share S and C’s engagement photos with you. These beauties were shot by the lovely Jessica Peterson at Malibu Creek State Park this past November. C focused on using personal touches when setting up her table arrangement for S and her to enjoy some tea and cupcakes during the session. For those of you who have been following for awhile, you may remember this DIY Glitter Banner. The “I Do” and “Me Too” forks were a special gift to S and C for their engagement and made the perfect addition to the table. Enjoy!


Photographer: Jessica Peterson | Location: Malibu, CA | Red Dress and Printed Coat: Anthropologie | Coral Dress: Diane Von Furstenburg

Whitney & Mike | Southern Fall Engagement Session

Today, we’re excited to share M & W’s engagement photos! We’ve been kind of secretive with them as M and W build their website, but today you’re getting a sneak peak of our favorite snaps. These photos were taken by the uber-talented Lauren Liddell in October on M’s land in Central Mississippi. After being rescheduled for rain in June, the couple was relieved to finally find the perfect weather and lighting to capture the e-session. Enjoy!

MS-Engagement-104MS-Engagement-10ephoto1MS-Engagement-17MS-Engagement-46 ephoto2MS-Engagement-68-2MS-Engagement-69ephoto3MS-Engagement-77MS-Engagement-86MS-Engagement-80

Photographer: Lauren F. Liddell | Location: Pattison, MS | Red Dress: Anthropologie | White Dress: Banana Republic (no longer available)

The Friday Report


Hello loves! So ^that^ happened this weekend! My other half of VOF, the beautiful and glowing C, got engaged in Dallas! We know we promised a detailed weekend guide to Dallas (which is still on it’s way!), but we’ve been totally consumed with wedding details for the past few days. (I’ve been engaged for eight months now and I swear C has got more planning done in the past six days.) If you’re looking for more wedding-related posts, get ready because wedding planning is now in full swing at VOF headquarters.

To hold you over until we share our own engagement stories, go ahead and read the MOST AMAZING PROPOSAL OF ALL TIME. Grab the tissues, girls.

We were so excited to see this 101 things to do in 1001 days list from Design Darling. Stay tuned for our own list, and share yours with us in the comments! We’ll feature our favorite here on VOF.

We’re making a mental note to remember these genius parenting tactics in 10 years.

Follow this fascinating tumblr of Mike Learner’s entrancing photography.

Now here’s an invention we’re rooting for.

We lurve, loave, luff this Love List from Ashley Fine of One Fine Day.

Finally, if you haven’t seen Hot-Dog Legs circulating the internet yet, take a peek.

Favorite Instagrammer: @damselindior

Best Sale: ShoeScribe

Favorite Fashion Blogger: Could I have that?

Need to know watch: The Butler

Best Useless Information: Crystal deodorant rock…WTF?


The Friday Report

road trip

Hey y’all! I came across this photo this week and couldn’t be more in love. It perfectly captures friendship and the open road, two things we’re especially looking forward to in the next week. Click though the links below for more weekend inspiration. 🙂

Need a pick me up? Here’s just what you need.

We love this wall art. But we also think we’re crafty enough to replicate it.

A few white lies never hurt any one.

The more wedding planning I do, the more hand-lettering makes me swoon.

Is there an engagement ring in your near future? Drop some hints to your honey with this Snippet & Ink post.

Get creative and minimize clutter by using unexpected containers to catch junk small items around the house.

Favorite Instagrammer: @dearphotograph

Best Sale: Aritzia

Favorite Fashion Blogger: Devon Rachel

Need to know: How to cope with wedding budget anxiety

Best Useless Information: Bey’s new ‘do


The Friday Report


Some opportunities to travel have fallen into my lap this week, and it’s left me absolutely giddy. Do you think there is such thing as travel addiction? If so, I’m in no hurry to get rid of it. In honor of said travel, we’re bringing you a mental vacation this Friday. First stop, Italy:

This amazingly simple approach to photography led to stunning results.

Next stop, Portland. Pendleton has always held a special place in our homes with their beautiful textiles, but we’re even more excited to add them to our closets.

Despite having a mother who prefers the indoors, I’ve always loved camping. This collection of photos makes me want to pack up the car and just go explore.

But if you don’t have a tent, here’s a fancy alternative.

Just because we aren’t in France, doesn’t mean we can’t obsess over these meringue sandwiches.

Lastly, we’re heading to Mexico (yeah, I know, it’s a stretch, but a delicious one).  This “music and food discovery” box subscription would make an awesome gift (ahem, my birthday is in January folks).

Favorite Instagrammer: @apartmenttherapy

Best Sale: Nasty Gal

Favorite Fashion Blogger: The Sartorialist

Need to know: What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Best Useless Information: Beware of One Direction Fans


The Friday Report



Sometimes life gets really hectic and you have to take just a few minutes to step back and clear your head. Although I see some overtime in my future this weekend (bleh), I’ll be spending Sunday picking figs and making jam with the beau and his gram. I feel soooo southern. Living here has taught me that I don’t always need to have fifty things going on at once, sometimes you have to learn how to relax. How will you relax this weekend?


These genetics photos are fascinating.


Finally, a course we can get excited about: this watercolors class, taught by a former classmate of ours, combines our passion for fashion and art. For more inspiration, see her website Paperfashion.


Grilled Cheese for breakfast? As long as it’s this glorified version.


Hollywood’s biggest secrets, circa 1927.


We always knew we were a bit leery of Craigslist for a reason.


Oh look, another app to consume hours of my time.


This story is heartwarming no matter which side of the aisle you’re aligned with.


Helicopter parenting has taken on a whole new form. And we’re totally on board.


Favorite Instagrammer: @Blaireadiebee

Best Sale: Rent the Runway

Favorite Fashion Blogger: Luella & June

Need to know: The Weiner jokes that will never end

Best Useless Information: “Ice Ice Baby” sung by the movies




The Friday Report


Photo Credit:

As a tribute to one of our favorite wedding blogs, Snippet & Ink, and our favorite e-newsletter, The, we’ve put together The Friday Report, your go-to source for weekend inspiration, tips, recipes, printables, and things you should be in-the-know about.

What’s better than adult popcicles? Answer: Nothing.

The most adorable thing you’ll watch today, from kids at a school in Bangalore.
Bet your iPhone would fancy one of these.
 Jay-Z calls out rappers for grossly inflating their salaries in their lyrics (although they’re all making a pretty penny).
A love letter to fog.
Speaking of love…check out this NYTimes column.
Also, corn is our vegetable of the moment (we’re not even going to pretend this is our first time having a favorite vegetable. Beets, anyone?). Drooling over this.
Who says this can’t continue all month long.
Here’s a spritzer recipe you can share with the kids (just make sure to spike the right glass…).
It’s finally Friday, so laugh a little.
Lastly, this is exactly how I’d like to spend my sunday. We want to live in this blog.
Favorite Instagrammer: @JenHuangPhoto
Best Sale: Bergdorf Goodman – The Final Sale
Favorite Fashion Blogger: With Love From Kat
Need to Know: Harper’s Index
Best Useless Information: Coffee, The Greatest Addiction Ever