The Friday Report

Chocolate PB Cake 1

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Couldn’t be more ready for this week to end! I’ve got a good book (and a few dozen envelopes awaiting calligraphy) waiting for me at home, but hopefully these links will help us both make it sanely to 5 pm. 🙂

The only thing better than your average pie chart (shout out to pi day!), is one of Annie Friedman’s humor-filled doodles.

You probably can’t grasp how big the solar system is, Josh Worth is here to help. (Bonus points if you scroll all the way through.)

We’re pretty fond of this Made-Up Words Project.

My new favorite weekly read: Fat Kid Fridays.

The new cronut, for those of us who didn’t get to try one at SXSW.

If you haven’t yet read this heart-warming story, do it.

Strangers kissing, because why not?

Favorite Instagrammer: @pinkpatisserie

Best Sale: YOOX

Favorite Food Blog: Eats well with others

Need to know: Sumry, the new resume.

Best Useless Information: Colin Powell took a selfie and it’s perfect.



The Friday Report


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Happy Friday! C & I are deep in the throws of wedding planning, and I’m quickly discovering my sanity level is closely correlated with the number of boxes I’ve checked on my checklist. Wedding season in Oregon is a really miniature time window, taking the stress of getting your top choice of vendors to a whole new level. My advice to future brides? If you’ve just got to have your wedding during busy season, plan your wedding for a Friday (if you plan to have your guests booze it up) or Sunday (if you’re looking for a more laid back, brunch wedding). Fridays and Sundays mean way less competition for vendors and venues.

Reception napkins have been the recent focus of debate, but these napkins are so great it makes the choice seem easy.

Brown butter brussels sprouts pasta with hazelnuts. Tell me that doesn’t sound delicious.

Would it be weird to start using these Oscars straws for everyday use? Think of the possibilities! Why yes, that is Ryan Gosling hanging out on my straw…

Speaking of Oscars, can I commission this little designer to create a reception dress for me?

OMG, go eat a cronut for me tomorrow, C.

Favorite Instagrammer: @caitlinclairexo

Best Sale: This badass Saks Fifth Avenue Gift with Purchase

Favorite Blog:  Garland of Grace

Need to know: How to advance in a male-dominated world

Best Useless Information: Frame by frame figure skating


The Monday Report

colleen in monique lhuillier

Did you catch this beautiful bride-to-be in a stunning Monique Lhuillier gown on our instagram last week? If not, follow us at @thevowsoffriendship.

This week has been full of big changes. M & I sold our house and found a new place to move all since putting a “For Sale” sign in the yard last Sunday. Talk about a whirlwind week! Now we’ve added the stress of moving to the already stressful and travel-filled holiday season. Ahhh! Not to mention M’s birthday was this weekend. So I apologize for a super delayed Friday Report this week. Hopefully y’all can forgive me. Do you have any tips for staying stress free during the holidays? Please share in the comments! My sanity depends on it, people.

One way to relieve stress is to witness this cuteness overload.

C & S’s engagement photos were this weekend! Hoping they turn out as great as these inspirational poses.

This minimalist iPhone case let’s you show off your shiny new 5S.

Martha Stewart’s #foodpics are disgusting. And that makes us all feel a little better about ourselves.

Still not sure what to cook this week? Try your luck with this Thanksgiving Menu Generator.

We should all be feeling thankful this week that men don’t wear crop tops anymore.

Life imitating art.

Favorite Instagrammer: @JoytheBaker

Best Sale: J. Crew (Code: GetGifting)

Favorite Fashion Blog: Ring My Bell

Need to know: The winter storm that may disrupt your Thanksgiving travel plans

Best Useless Information: PooPourri. Try not to die laughing.


The Friday Report

I know I’m officially an adult because I spent Halloween evening at work. Talk about a buzz kill. In my defense, it was storming like crazy outside, but really, what kind of excuse is that?


Oh, what we wouldn’t give to be in college again….#FlashbackFriday

To make up for my lousy Halloween, I’ll be donning a costume for a party tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll use this as a costume guide: Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for the Modern Woman.

I know what I’m making for the fiance’s birthday breakfast: Waffle Breakfast Sandwich.

Are you living in the right state? Find the state to best match your personality. Meet me in Georgia?

One of my favorite features over on Snippet & Ink is their Snapshot of a Marriage, particularly this one.

I like my body because it’s magic.

This mom really made the most of nap time. Could these scenes be any more precious?

Favorite Instagrammer:  @Jane_Lilly of Lox Papers

Best Sale: Fab

Favorite Fashion Everything Blogger: Meg Biram

Need to know: Do you experience Imposter Syndrome?

Best Useless Information: The life of a GIF creator