About Us


The Vows of Friendship, VOF, was created when two best friends, Colleen and Whitney, both found themselves obsessively planning their own weddings while being the other’s greatest confidant/partner-in-crime/keeper-of-sanity, the Maid of Honor. VOF is here to document the double wedding planning journey (chaos) and bring you daily inspiration, both wedding and lifestyle, along the way.

Fate (ahem, sorority life) may have brought them together, but their best friend-ship was cultivated by a mutual love of Friday Night Lights, all things Kate Spade, and baked brie (hungry gals gotta stick together).
Colleen lives in Los Angeles, by way of Utah, with her man and their two pups. She’s a designer by day and a near-professional chef and hostess by night. If there was ever a perfect candidate for Shopaholics Anonymous, Colleen’s got that in the bag (the shopping bag, naturally).
Whitney is a native Oregonian transplanted to the South where she and her future hubby reside as hydraulic engineers.  She thinks her time is best spent exploring the world with their three dogs, and her paycheck is best wasted on clothes (and shoes and accessories, of course). She’s never met a cookie she didn’t like and doesn’t feel an inkling of guilt about it.


9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi there Thanks for following along with Tangles and Tiaras….the musings of a real life Disney princess. when im not at “work”, I love to cook too, as you can probably tell lol …so i will be following along with great interest 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Oh My Gosh!!! This has to be the cutest blog I have ever seen!!!! And Yes, I blog about good food & health but I am such a fashionista and you girls have AMAZING fashion sense.
    Keep up the great work ladies!

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